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Did you know that you can help us keep our neighborhood clean and peaceful?

 No sabia que puede ayudarnos en mantener nuestro vecindad limpio y pacifico?

Part of what our home means to us is a place to relax. As residents of Pecan Park and Houston, we have the right to enjoy a reasonable level of peace and quiet while at home. Being a good neighbor means respecting each other's rights. The City of Houston has ordinances so that these rights won't get violated by others and so citizens have some control over conditions within their own neighborhoods. These ordinances are laws that must be obeyed by everyone. We are fortunate to have these ordinances but we need to report violators if they are going to be of any use.

Un parte de lo que es nuestra hogar para nosotros es un lugar para relajarse. Como residentes de Pecan Park y Houston, tenemos el derecho de disfrutar un nivel razonable de paz y tranquilidad cuando estamos en casa. Ser un buen vecino quiere decir respetando los derechos de cado uno. La Ciudad de Houston tiene ordenanzas para que nuestros derechos no estan violados por otros y para que los ciudadanos podian tener control sobre los condiciones dentro del vecindad. Estas ordenanzas son leyes que tienen que estar obedecidos por todos. Estamos fortunados de tener estas ordenazas pero tenemos que reportar los violadores si van a tener valor.

  Reporting Violators. Reportando violadores.

  • There are two ways to report ordinance violations; Hay dos maneras de reportar violaciones de las leyes de la ciudad;

    1. Calling 311 (City of Houston) Llamando 311 (Ciudad de Houston)

    2. Calling 713-884-3131 (HPD Dispatch).Llamando 713-884-3131 (La policia)

    Examples of when to call 311. Ejemplos de cuando se llama 311
  • Heavy trash in the street anytime before 6pm.the Friday before the 2nd Monday of the month.  Basura pesada en la calle antes del Viernes antes de la 2da Lunes del mes.
  • Potholes. Ajugeros en la calle.
  • Fallen trees or branches. Arboles caidos o ramas en la calle.
  • Persistant standing water in the curb caused by water leaks. Aqua en la curba.
  • Construction without permits. Construcion sin permisos.

Examples of when to call HPD at 713-884-3131. Ejemplos de cuando se llama la policia (HPD) a 713-884-3131.

  • Noise ordinace violations (loud music, loud parties, barking dogs). Ruido (musica recio, fiestas ruidiosas, perros raspando).
  • Abandonded cars. Carros abandonados
  • Criminal activity. Actividad criminal.

You can remain anonymous when you call either 311 or HPD. Usted puede quedar anonimo cuando llame al 311 o HPD.

...sigh..."I've grown so weary of those awful heavy trash violators""Me canso tanto de esas personas tan sucias que dejan esos montones de basura grande en la calle cuando no es tiempo".

" Don't worry lady. We'll take care of em for ya."

" No se preocupe, Senora. Sabemos como resolver esa situacion".


Our world has become full of noises. Car alarms, monster stereo systems, power mowers, weed eaters, air conditioners, barking dogs, honking horns, beer parties 10 feet away from your bedroom. Ideally, those who are responsible for creating the noise would consider their neighbors before making noise. We know that's not always the case. What can you do? No, shooting them will only make things worse. First, try talking to them. It's easy to forget that our animals or activities might be harming others. In many cases an agreement can be reached that satisfies everyone's needs. If not, call HPD at 713-884-3131.There is a City of Houston noise ordinance which states that it is a violation if any noise is so loud as to be heard 50 feet away from the source, unless it's a mower or some necessary machinery. They will send someone out there, you don't have to give your name, and it might work.