Neighborhood Newsletter-Fall 2006
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Neighborhood Newsletter-Fall 2006

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Our neighborhood is in a well-established area of Houston. Our "cottage-styled" housing, typical of the middle class when this area was developed, was considered "in a good neighborhood" and most were proud to say this was where they lived. Today, even though our neighborhood is not fancy, we can still show pride in where we live. A "good" neighborhood is one where residents maintain their properties in good condition by making needed repairs on the exterior of their homes, keeping the lawns mowed and edged, keeping junk and inoperable vehicles/appliances out of public sight, and most of all, just keeping everything neat and clean. Also, residents are alert to unusual or suspicious activity or actual crimes and DO report them, anonomously, to the police, neighborhood protection, or to the "311" phone number showing that they care about safety in the neighborhood and will not allow negative influences to prevail. These efforts to keep our neighborhood safe and clean are made by residents who are PROUD of where they live. WE are blessed to live in an area that has easy access to 3 freeways, without having any of them cross through our neighborhood, lots of shopping centers, restaurants and other businesses to meet our needs, along with great, mature trees and perhaps Houston's largest urban squirrel population (thanks to our abundant pecans). A unique spot and, without the efforts mentioned above, our neighborhood becomes just another poorly maintained area with lowered property values and can become a target and haven for crime, which can be very dismaying to those residents who DO care and ARE proud of their property and where it is located. Remember the old saying, "one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel"? What a few people do, or don't do, can reflect badly on all of us. If every fifth property has junk laying around, the entire neighborhood looks bad. The city developed laws and ordinances so that ther is a minimum standard in maintaining a neighborhood in good condition. We do not individually live in isolation, we live in a community, loosely refered to as Pecan Park, regardless of the individual subdivision name. We have recently received our first batch of t-shirts which we hope will help boost people's awareness of our unique area. The slogan we chose is, "We're nuts about our neighborhood". The shirts have a picture of a squirrel holding a pecan and are available at all of our meetings and functions. The slogan is cute but the idea behind it is vital to our community well being. Open your eyes and realize that we live in a quaint, convenient, potentially beautiful neighborhood. Let's work together to make it the best it can be. BE PROUD OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, AND SHOW IT!


Ever thought about showing the world what life is like in Pecan Park? Want to get the city's attention? Want to make a statement about your neighborhood? What do you like about living in Pecan Park? What would you like to change? Want to voice your opinion? Why not say it through a photo? Here's your chance to make a statement that will be seem by thousands of people across the city, county, state and country. Pecan Park residents willing to document life in the neighborhood will be given a camera and receive all of the photos they take!

For more information, contact Jerome Crowder at 713 743-3373.


Has pensado en ensenar al mundo como es la vida aqui en Pecan Park? Quiere agarar la atencion de la ciudad? Quiere hacer una declaracion sobre su vecindario? Quiere espresar su opinion? Porque no decirlo por un foto? Aqui hay su chansa hacer una declaracion que veran por miles de personas por todas partes de la ciudad, condado, estado y el pais. Los residentes de Pecan Park quien quieren documentar la vida en el vecindario seran dados una camara y recibiran todos los fotos que toman!

Para mas informacion, llame al Jerome Crowder a 713 743-3373

RECYCLING RESIDENTS-Some of our residents living in the 77012 zip code area are in the Neighborhood Recycling Program. These are the scheduled dates for taking out your recycling; 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4, 12/18 and 1/29.


If you don't know already, Mission Milby, located at 220 Broadway,offers free ESL, GED and computer classes along with many other fun and interesting classes. Take advantage of this nearby resource! Call them at 713 454-6416.


Si ya no sabe, Mision Milby, ubicado a 2220 Broadway, ofrecen classes gratis para Ingles, GED, computadora y muchas otras classes divertidas y interesantes. Aprovecha esto recurso local! Llameles a 713 454-6416


La Ciudad de Houston ha adoptado una norma de Cero Tolerancia para quienes descarguen ilegalmente basura o no haga caso del horario de colecion de la basura solida debe ser colocada en el borde de la acera despues de las 6 de la tarde del viernes anterior al dia de la programacion de la recoleccion que para nosotros es el 2da lunes de cada mes. Las multas estan en un rango desde hasta . Para mas informacion, llama al 311 o consulte la pagina web

During our November 2006 meeting, we elected the following Pecan Park Civic Association Board Members.

President: Wini Tolson

Treasurer: Sonja ter Harkel

Secretary: Maria Corales

First Vice-President: Dan Axton

Second Vice-President: Carlos Ayala

We also voted to increase our annual membership dues to $25 for individuals or families and $45 for corporate memberships. We will be giving one of our new Pecan Park T-shirts to each new member until 7-1-07.